With so many options available on the Web, Google Earth ends up being a navigational aid.

In all its facets it has improved a lot thanks to its update in version 5. Here it allows the 3D exploration up to the bottom of the oceans. It also takes real data to animate the surface movement of water in seas and oceans, with their respective layers of information.

It also allows you to measure distances at specific locations which is further strengthened by its geolocation function using GPS coordinates.

If you want to plan a route, or calculate distances, Google Earth is an aid, and very useful. But let’s not forget that we must never dispense with charts, routes and official warnings en route.


Critics say that in order to take full advantage of it, it must be complemented with other apps or specialized software, but it already provides enough fantastic coverage. It is not a question of replacing what already exists, but of using it to collate data.

You can use it in:
https://earth.google.com  (works with Google Chrome browser)

Or through Google Play or Apple Store apps.



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