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If you want to feel the true feeling of holding the reins of a boat, the right choice for you is to rent a sailboat. In Sitges harbour (Barcelona) you will find Surcando Mares' sailboats. These boats have total navigability, you can use sea winds and waves to guide them, feeling the emotion of nearly touching the water, anchoring in beautiful coves and enjoying privileged views of the coast, listening to the silence of sailing without an engine. Sailboats have a low fuel cost, and they are a sustainable option to respect the natural environment.


If you want to experience strong sensations, feeling the adrenaline in your body and sail the sea as fast as possible, your perfect choice is to rent a motorboat. You will find the best fleet of motorboats in Surcando Mares in Sitges harbour (Barcelona). Best option if you want to plan a vacation where you can travel long distances to discover impressive landscapes. With a motorboat you will have the possibility to travel at a high speed and the time factor will not be a problem.

No license

If you want to feel the speed and jump the best waves of the sea in Sitges (Barcelona) but you don't have a license, in Surcando Mares we also have motorboats that don't need a license to be governed. Explore and enjoy the best views of the coast and feel the magic of the sea without studying.