Washing the dishes on board also has its little tricks. You can put all the dirty crockery in a bucket with salt water. The detergent is applied directly on the scrubbing pad since seawater does not generate cleaning foam. If possible, it should be placed on the aft skirt where all the dishes will be washed and placing the washed utensils in another bucket without water or in the bathtub bench. If an assistant is available, the maneuver is reduced in time, as it can be clarified directly with seawater.
It is also advisable to sweeten glasses and cutlery to eliminate the remains of salt, but dishes, trays and utensils can be rinsed with the same seawater. Afterwards, all the dishes will be dried outside, on a cloth in one of the bath benches. The rinsing and subsequent drying of stainless steel cutlery is recommended for aesthetic purposes so that they do not remain with dried salt inlays on its surface. In many occasions, when the crockery is not very dirty, you can use a net bag or fine mesh in which all the dishes to be washed are placed and left hanging on one side of the boat and submerged in the water. With the swings of the boat the crockery will be cleaned. It is important in any case to save the maximum of fresh water. If you are surfing, doing it outdoors will in many cases prevent possible dizziness if you have not navigated a lot.

And do not forget !!

Remember that there are green cleaning </ strong> products. Try to the extent that you can use products with few surfactants, and always use the minimum amount possible. However much product you put, the result will not be better ..

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