Yacht Skipper (PY) is the nautical license that will allow you to govern a recreational motorboat or sailboat far from the coast, but it will be necessary to previously possess the Recreational Boat Skipper (PER) license. 

+  What kind of leisure boat can I govern with this license?

  • Jetski of any power.
  • Motorboats with a maximum length of 24 metres.
  • Sailboats with a maximum length of 24 metres if you carry out the complementary practices about sail navigation.

+   In which circumstances can I navigate?

  • With jetskis, inside the specific navigation limits that apply according the technical features of each one.
  • With motorboats and sailboats, until 150 miles from the coastline, during daytime and night-time

+  How is the course structured? 

  • Sessions of theory (time invested will depend on each student) where we are going to work on the following themes:
  1. Sea safety.
  2. Meteorology.
  3. Navigation theory.
  4. Navigation marine charts.
  • Practical sessions about navigation and security for 48 hours on an homologated boat
  • Practical sail navigation complementary sessions of 16 hours in an homologated boat if you also want the sail navigation license. 

+  Information of interest

  • Maximum of 8 students in a course.
  • Be in possession of Leisure Boat Skipper (PER) license. 
  • You need to pass a theory exam to get the license.
  • All practices can be done before or after the theory exam.
  • Minimum age of 18 years.
  • The student must bring a medical certificate apt for nautical activities to be able to get the license. 
  • Once finished the theory and practice sessions and the exam passed, the student can issue the official license/card. 
  • The official license card has a validity period of 10 years, and after that it can be renovated submitting a new medical certificate.  

+   Rates

  • 850 € the complete course of Motor Yacht Skipper, which includes the theory and practical sessions and didactic material.
  • 1.025 € the complete course of Motor and Sail Yacht Skipper which includes the theory and practical sessions and didactic material. 
  • 92,20 € the exam taxes.
  • 100 € the official license expedition taxes.

If you are interested on this course, contact us filling in the contact form, by phone or email and we will inform you about the scheduled courses.

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