Bavaria 56 is the most elegant and luxurious sailboat  in our fleet and shows great efficiency, as the hull and keel have been designed to increase its performance. The interiors of this boat offer plenty of space, double cabins with 1,80m wide beds or an incredible suite type cabin with its own bathroom and separate shower. On deck we find an auxiliary garage that can house a 3,10m auxiliary plus his outboard, an impressive bath platform and the beautiful solarium with mats.


Technical specifications



Resto del año 12/03-03/06
Barco Cabinas WC Tripulantes Periodo 16/07-19/08 Depósito Limpieza
BAVARIA 56 4 2 8+1 Semana 3.155 4.325 5.320 6.315 2.500,00 150
15 Dia 475 650 800 950 2.500,00 85

What does rental rate include?

In all cases:
 Boat rental 
 Fully comprehensive insurance
Moorings in harbour base
Towels in bathrooms 
 Kitchen equipment 
 Crew and their maintenance 
Moorings outside harbour base

In 1 day trips:

In overnight trips :
 Bed linen 

In 1 week or longer trips:
 Bed linen 
Tender boat with outboard engine

How to book?

–> Calling us at 93.894.93.17 or 630.60.30.14
 Sending us an email to [email protected]
 Filling in the contact form
Once we confirm the availability of the boat and extra services between the dates you are interested, you will be able to draw up the reservation by paying 40% of the rental amount, in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card in our office. 

Important information before the boarding date

Payments and deposits:
–> 15 days before the boarding date:
     60% of the remaining rental amount in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card in our office.
–> The boarding day:
     The deposit, cleaning and extra services in cash or by credit card.

Boarding and landing schedule:
–> For 1 day rentals:
    Boarding at 10 a.m.
    Landing at 7 p.m.
–> For week rentals:
     Boarding before 4 p.m.
     Landing at 7 p.m. 

Cancellations or modifications:
If you need to cancel or modify any booked service, contact us as soon as possible.

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