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Surcando Mares was born in 2000 as a result of its founder’s Alexis passion for the sea. From a very young age Alexis discovered the exciting world hiding behind waves, winds and tides when he went sailing with his father Alfonso. 

Since then his eagerness to explore and learn from the sea has not stopped, and his nautical certifications proved it. He worked for years in Red Cross as skipper of the maritime and beach rescue boat, participating in several high-risk rescues.

Always attached to his native Sitges (Barcelona), Alexis has become an experienced skipper and sea lover. With Surcando Mares he has fulfilled his dream of sharing his special connection with the sea, offering boats for rental, a beautiful fleet of sailboats and motorboats  and a great variety of services and nautical activities, always counting on with Alexis’ maritime experience and his perfectionism in every detail.

Surcando Mares is proximity, commitment and professionalism.


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