If you like the sea, sailing, no doubt you can not miss this jewel of literature . Joshua Slocum’s autobiographical account of his solo journey around the world is one of the most remarkable and entertaining travel narratives in marine literature. Leaving Massachusetts alone aboard the thirty-six-foot wooden Spray ship in April 1895, Captain Slocum joined the ranks of the world’s great circumnavigators – Magellan, Drake and Cook. But by circumnavigating the globe without a crew, Slocum would surpass them all: his solo voyage of more than 46,000 miles, three years in length, remains unmatched in maritime history for its courage, modesty, skill and determination, coupled with very limited technical and economic means.

Sailing Alone around the World tells of Slocum’s wonderful adventures: spooky encounters with pirates in Gibraltar and Indian savages in Tierra del Fuego; horrible storms and treacherous coral reefs; flying fish for breakfast in the Pacific; and a hilarious visit with the famous explorer Henry Stanley in South Africa. A century later, Slocum’s incomparable book remains one of the greatest adventure narratives ever written. It will not disappoint you. It is not only a seafaring novel, but a wonderful lesson in many human aspects. Quite an example for many.


The sailboat Spray. Source Wikipedia

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