The classic regattas of Altura de Semana Santa are underway.

A new edition of the Easter Regattas between the Peninsula and the Pitiusas.

The Ruta de la Sal, now in its 36th edition, is one of the most emblematic and challenging offshore races in the Mediterranean, attracting sailors from all over the world. In its new edition, it remains faithful to its original spirit, combining competition and adventure. The regatta is held in two versions: one starting from Barcelona – Port Olímpic (North version) and the other from Dénia (East version), both with destination Ibiza. This event not only tests the skill and strategy of the participants, but also enhances the beauty and complexity of the Mediterranean as a regatta course.

The Ophiusa Regatta, on the other hand, with the XXI edition behind it, is another prestigious competition held in the waters of the Balearic Islands, starting from Port Ginesta and finishing in Formentera. It is known for its focus on traditional sailing and the spirit of camaraderie among participants. In its latest edition, this regatta continues to promote the passion for sailing, emphasizing nautical expertise and the enjoyment of the marine environment.

Both races share the essence of offshore sailing, where it’s not just about winning, but about experiencing the freedom, challenge and beauty of the sea. Participating in them means immersing oneself in an experience where nature, history and competition come together, creating unforgettable moments for all involved. In addition, these events promote the conservation of the marine environment and nautical culture, bringing together the sailing community in a festive and competitive atmosphere.


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Route de la Sa 2023


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